Cabañal Intim

The Cabañal is a neighbourhood in Valencia which was under threat by local government plans to build an avenue through it and "modernise" this traditional area whose art deco houses used to house the fishers who lived here. Local people organised themsleves in protest against these plans organising cultural events and festivals to bring attention to the problem. I have performed in a wide variety of spaces in the neighbourhood (Pepica la Pilona is one) and suported the recent "Cabañal Intim" initiative- an intimate theatre festival which takes place in the houses of residents.

This video of the opening night party was made by photographer Eva Miquel en El Escorxador, Valencia 26/4/2013.

It includes footage of my performance with Rampova Cabaret, and as part of the collective Plañideras Culturales a group of artist/activists of which I form part.