Choose your God/ess: the musical 1999

Choose your God/ess: the musical, was based around a casting for a reality show for gods and goddesses. It satirised how television has exploited the contemporary obsession for fame at any cost and how our concepts of public and private have changed as a result.

It began as a night club act in Leeds in 1999 where I invited members of the audience onstage to compete for inclusion in the show. I later developed the idea as a one woo-man show (with live musical accompaniment from Johnny Borden) which debuted in London in 2001 at the 491 gallery.

A short film was later made based on this script with a larger cast (see film section). Extracts from this film were then used in live Spanish presentations. The film´s actors represented live scenes from the film while it was being projected and the public was invited to interact on stage in screen tests for a future episode.

491 gallery, London Sept 2001