Experimental Music

Unremix (tape/video, 1999) - using previously programmed material I recorded a conceptual LP on cassette over a period of 24 hours. It subsequently formed the basis of the video Unremix.

Song of the Geyserbird (2000/2007)
Vocal improvisation with pump organ.

Dial-a- Diva (2005- 2007)
I participated in both editions of this international project, broadcast worldwide via a call centre based in the CCA gallery in Glasgow (Scotland), and then in Stavanger (Norway) by organising and singing in a jam session of local musicians in Valencia.

El Encuentro (live performance, La Clinica Mundana, Valencia 16/4/11)
Using a soundscape recorded at an Easter procession in which I sang with the local choir, I mixed music with images to comment upon the Palestinian situation, singing live to the lyric "Daughter of Zion".