The Retromodernistes (2004-)
An occasional collaboration with musician and producer Juli Mekanika.

El Tornado y Los Amanerados (2005-6)
Jazz-pop with Iñaki Lopez (guitar, programming) and Borja X (flute).

Los Trastornados (2004-2005)
Flamenco punk (flunk) fusion was more hard core than the previous group, the guitarist (Jesus "El Rata") encouraged me to study flamenco jondo (the more soulful, less commercial style).

El Tornado (y sus Sicarios)/ Flamenkas Transatlanticas (2003-2004)
Rumba influenced flamenco fusion with Luis Monter (guitar) and Natalia X (cello).

Arch (2011-2002)
Neo cabaret and twisted pop with Andy Green (violin/ programming) and Johnny Borden (piano).