Museari (2019)


In this online exhibition I explore further ways in which to document performance, developping the ideas behind the Catalogue project with a focus on works which have a relationship with the series of altered book works I have been carrying out since 2009. These composite triptych images minimise the importance of the performer´s body by focusing on the physicality of the books which are reproduced in a larger image on the left of the screen (since these images were presented to be seen online) where the eye naturally focuses. The choice of images from the ctions also emphasise their participatory nature and the contexts in which they take place. IN an age where images are produced for rapid consumption, these images are deliberately complex and require a longer inspection to be understood.

As well as the online exhibition a selection of the"Book Actions" are on display in the Museari exhibition at Las Naves, Valencia from the 17th of June till September 2019 which also includes the installation piece Erreria X which celebrates our 10 years of queer and outsider cultural activism in colaboration with partner in crime, the artist Anna Maria Staiano (also known as Glamereuse)

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Este año participamos en el proyecto Museari Queer Art con diferentes exposiciones.

Graham Bell Tornado será el artista del mes en junio de 2019 en el Museo Museari en línea, y participará con sus "Libro acciones" en la exposición de Museari en Las Naves, Valencia, desde el 17 de junio hasta septiembre de 2019.

Simultáneamente, La Erreria (Casa de Bent) celebra su décimo aniversario con una instalación dentro de la exposición y una serie de evenots paralelos.

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