Groups (2000-2021)

Arch (2000-2002)
Neo cabaret and twisted pop with Andy Green (violin/ programming) and Johnny Borden (piano).

El Tornado (y sus Sicarios)/ Flamenkas Transatlanticas (2003-2004)
Rumba influenced flamenco fusion with Luis Monter (guitar) and Natalia X (cello).

Los Trastornados (2004-2005)
Flamenco punk (flunk) fusion was more hard core than the previous group, the guitarist (Jesus "El Rata") encouraged me to study flamenco jondo (the more soulful, less commercial style).

Flunk; ¡Aqui Ahora! (HERE! NOW!) from Graham Bell Tornado on Vimeo.

El Tornado y Los Amanerados (2005-6)
Jazz-pop with Iñaki Lopez (guitar, programming) and Borja X (flute).

The Retromodernistes (2004-2021)
An occasional collaboration with musician and producer Juli Mekanika.