El Canibaal

21/1/17 : Entrevista con Jesús Garcia Civia en la revista cultural online el Canibaal
English version coming soon.

My first TV appearance was in 1998 on Border TV in Scotland as part of the documentary series "The Spark" which featured a special on the artists community at Orchardton where I was living. As part of the documentary the makers agreed to help produce and screen my short film us-in-the-futre.
I was then interviewed and featured with stripper and performance artist "Mouse" in the series Digital Sex ( Channel 4, 2000) who filmed our performance of "Tits" ( song by my group Arch) at the ICA. Footage from these documentaries will be uploaded shortly.( they are from the pre digital age!!)

I was featured in a documentary about foreigners living in Spain with a performance as transgender tour guide of the Erreria and Valencia: So successful it was repeated in the "best of" the series and a rival tv station based a report on it, "sending me up". Don´t think they realised the game I was playing! Unfortunately only available in Spanish
Destino España

A short film which includes excerpts from one of the local tv reports on the exhibition Eco-Gender /EcoGenero. This one has english subtitles
TV Localia

Report for the programme En Connexió, about my work and La Erreria (House of Bent) on controversial local tv channel Canal Nou, now closed after a central government intervention!
A local news programme, like many spaniards the reporters were amazed at my name (since for them the inventor of the telephone is very famous) and put on the byline "Graham Bell lives!"

Article in newspaper "El Levante" about the "Erreria (House of Bent) project which tells the story of how we opened the basement of our house as an outside and queer gallery, expanding into the concept of a house-museum ( based on places like the John Soames museum in London, the Gustave Moreau museum in Paris or the Josep Segrelles museum in Albaida, all museums based in houses ) giving guided tours and organising exhibitions and events in the provincial town of Xativa

Articles about Plañideras Culturales ( Cultural Mourning Women) :
El Pais (20/12/2012)

Con motivo de la concentración contra los recortes a la cultura, el 20 de diciembre de 2012 en Valencia.

Article about the musical group Los Trastornados comprised of guitarist Jesus el "Rata" and cellist Natalia Perez which fused flamenco and punk. My words in Spanish and english combined with their live interpretation was an attempt to capture the viscerality of these musical styles. In the 3 years I studied with flamenco guitarists I learned various hardcore flamenco "palos"(styles).

Article about the action carried out by members of the cast of the theatre show "Comedia sin titulo" an unfinished work of Federico Garcia Lorca. I was invited to work with a flamenco dancer on the final "missing" scene and devised a dialogue between the dancer and my character in the play the Worker" ( who dies, assasinated in the play).